Dale Watson Releases New Live Album!

If you've never made it to Dale Watson's world-famous Chicken $#!+ Bingo Sunday show in Austin or St. Hedwig, TX, then we're bringing it to you! On August 19th, we'll release Live at the Big T Roadhouse, Chicken $#!+ Bingo Sunday from Dale Watson and His Lonestars!

This Sunday tradition is Dale's favorite gig where a chicken on a numbered board is wagered on by the audience on which number the bird will "lay it's mark." All the while Dale and His Lonestars play their classic country and banter with the crowd. Live at the Big T Roadhouse captures the fun of Dale's shows and features standards like "I Lie When I Drink," "Where Do You Want It," "Honky Tonkers Don't Cry" and classic cover's like "Amos Moses," and Merle's "The Bottle Let Me Down."

This is truly a unique glimpse into one of Texas' most bizarre phenomina.  

Stream "Where Do You Want It" from Live at the Big T Roadhouse.

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