New Releases

Greetings from St. Paul, Minnesota!

Thanks for visiting Red House Records' website! The long-awaited Red House debut Silhouette of Sirens from Chastity Brown and Transient Lullaby from the acclaimed Americana husband-and-wife duo The Mastersons are now available! Visit our store and order their albums on vinyl, CD or digital!

On Silhouette of Sirens Chastity Brown establishes herself as one of the top emerging artists in music. If you haven't heard her, you should. The record showcases her songwriting and flawlessly melds folk, pop, soul and gospel on an album that is "a work of brooding soul eloquence, alt-rock wiriness, atmospheric pop sweetening and folk-inflected natrualness" (NPR Music).

Transient Lullaby is pure Americana from one of the most respected duos, The Mastersons. Featuring impeccable harmonies, Eleanor Whitmore's stirring string arrangements and Chris Masterson's guitar work the finely crafted songs are a late-night collection of songs inspired by an endless blur of skylines, hotels and the characters they meet on the road. 

Whether this is your first time visting or you are a longtime fan, you'll find some of the best folk, roots and Americana singers and songwriters in the world here. Click here to listen and shop!

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