The Pines

The Pines' video for "Time Dreams," their collaboration with the late Native American activist, artist and musician John Trudell was recently recognized by the Indian Country Media Network as one of the "Great Native videos of 2016!" The song is the spoken word closing track to The Pines' highly acclaimed album Above the Prairie and is Trudell's final recording.

The Pines

The Pines have released a breathtaking video for "Time Dreams" featuring John Trudell. The song is his final recording and a collaboration between Trudell and The Pines that is the final track on The Pines' 2016 album Above the Prairie.

The Pines haunting collaboration with the late John Trudell, "Time Dreams" premiered on Friday, January 15th on Democracy Now!  The Pines add their eerie atmospheric backdrop to Trudell's poignant spoken word.  "Time Dreams" is the final track on their album Above the Prairie.

Click here to stream "Time Dreams" at Democracy Now!

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