Wings Of Wonder


[Claudia Schmidt] seduces spring out of the depths of winter.

— Dirty Linen

Schmidt's life-filled pipes resonate as she delivers a jazzy, torch-fired rendition of Wood and Mellin's "My One and Only Love," bringing to it the warmth and emotion of winter's night at fireside with a longtime love. She lends a storyteller's magic to her rendition of Milton Nascimento's "The Call"sharing without words the tale of a beautiful forest siren. Other instrumental gems on the album"Peter and Lois Go Round and Round"(a lovely little waltz she wrote for two dear friends) and "The Moon Winked at Hale Bopp" (a delightful ditty inspired by a late night drive)showcase her strong composer's abilities and the talents of her two accompanists.

Release Date: 
Sep. 12th, 2000