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Timeless Love - Single


I have listened over and over and each time there are new revelations, new beautiful turns of melody and chords...Claudia Schmidt is a beloved musical treasure.

— American Songwriter

I got a call from a Zumbrotan asking me if I would sing a song for a movie being made [in Zumbrota, MN].  With little more knowledge than that (and the fact that it needed to be a love song for an older couple), I jumped in, wrote a song, showed up to find out I was actually IN the scene singing the song, which I named Timeless Love, to the couple, and it's a climactic moment in the movie, which is called "His Neighbor Phil."  I got such a great response to the song from the people there that I have decided to make it available, so here it is! 

Release Date: 
Jun. 17th, 2014