I Know


Listening to John Gorka sing, one can get goosebumps all over. There are many reasons - fresh lyrics, a stunning, emotional baritone voice, his twisted humor - but to focus on one limits the experience.

— New York Times

John's exciting Red House debut! With evergreen classics like "I Saw a Stranger with Your Hair" and "Love is Our Cross to Bear."

Release Date: 
Jan. 1st, 1987

On Tour

09/29/17 @ 8:00 PM | Plymouth, MA - Details

at The Spire Center for Performing Arts

09/30/17 @ 7:00pm | Hamden, CT - Details

at Best Video Film & Cultural Center

10/01/17 @ 4:00 pm | Piermont, NY - Details

at The Turning Point

10/20/17 @ ? | Donostia, SS - Details

at Altxerri Jazz Bar