Easy Gone


a master of the slow burn, the gentle funk, the infectious rhythm.

— The Ottawa Citizen

On Easy Gone, Bonneville delivers 10 reasons why longevity pays off. On each song, his taut guitarwork shimmers like the scales on coiled rattler, menacing and confident. His voice carries the rich, natural timbre of time and his harmonica rhythms add an extra dollop of grit to his streetwise sound. Produced by Bonneville and Justin Douglas, Easy Gone wears the faded workclothes of a man who knew when he “said I do to a highway,” as he sings in “Who Do Call the Shots,” that it wasn’t going to be an easy marriage. But he also knew divorce was not an option, and affirms his vows in soulful lyrics that balance thoughtful observation, impassioned emotion and the restless soul of a wanderer.

Release Date: 
Apr. 15th, 2014