Back 40


“Robin & Linda Williams have been doing it for years and get progressively better.... This time they are aided by the production of Jim Rooney, who does this sort of thing better than anyone.... As one of their best songs on the recording says, "This Is the Real Thing."  I should mention also a great version of "Boots of Spanish Leather," possibly the best cover since Bob [Dylan] wrote it. Perfect acoustic country music from beginning to end.” 

— fRoots

Perfect acoustic country music from beginning to end.

— fRoots Magazine

With a rich career spanning four decades, Virginia-based duo Robin & Linda Williams have made it their mission to perform the music that they love, a robust blend of bluegrass, folk, old-time and acoustic country that combines wryly observant lyrics with a wide-ranging melodicism. Today some might call it "Americana," but these two revered music masters were living and breathing this elixir 20 years before that term was turned into a radio format. With the release of Back 40, the Williams celebrate their musical legacy with an album that features fresh treatments of their early classics (many from albums long out of print) and favorites by other writers, as well as a brand new song, "The Old Familiar House on Christmas Day."

Producer Jim Rooney says of the album, "I love listening to them sing this collection of songs.  I have several favorites - their takes on 'Urge For Going' and 'Boots Of Spanish Leather' are as good as any I have heard. 'The Real Thing' and 'Green Summertime' get me every time. Don't get me started! Pretty damn good to have this freshness and energy after all the years and miles." Back 40 is a milestone release by this celebrated Southern duo.

Release Date: 
Oct. 22nd, 2013