After Yesterday


John Gorka is one of the supreme singer songwriters on the modern folk scene, few write songs with such style, grace and emotive power.

— Atlantic City Press

On After Yesterday, his seventh album, John Gorka lets us know he has moved on to a better place. In more ways than one. He describes it as "an unabashed vision of joy." Its songs are deeply detailed, filled with love and loss, delicate vignettes of daily life, stark political or social commentary, or simple down-home humor.

Release Date: 
Oct. 20th, 1998

On Tour

11/04/16 @ 8:00pm | Brownfield, ME - Details

at Stone Mountain Arts Center

11/05/16 @ 8:00pm | Kingston, MA - Details

at South Shore Folk Music Club

11/06/16 @ 7:00pm | Northampton, MA - Details

at Iron Horse

11/10/16 @ 7:30 PM | Seward, AR - Details

at Zudy's Cafe