John Gorka Releases Alternate Version of I Know

John Gorka's landmark Red House debut album I Know is not the version that most of us know. The orginal version, recorded in Nashville with a stable of studio musicians was completely scrapped and rerecorded to become the I Know that introduced the world to John Gorka.

After three decades, these original recordings will finally see the light! Before Beginning-The Unreleased I Know, Nashville 1985 features never-before-heard arrangements of 9 of the 12 songs on I Know including "I Saw a Stranger with Your Hair," "Love is Our Cross to Bear" and "Geza's Wailing Ways," a track released in 1983 on a Fast Folk compilation. Before Beginning is a quintessential album for any folk fan's John Gorka collection.

Available worldwide on July 22nd, you can stream the original version of "I Know" here.

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