Finjan - Crossing Selkirk

Finjan delights in wild syncopations and atypical combinations of instruments, almost always preserving the characteristic wail of the clarinet.

— Lousiville Courier-Journal

Finjan was one of Winnipeg’s most exciting klezmer bands who combined the sounds of Eastern Europe and the American Yiddish Theater. With scintillating instrumentation and soulful vocals, they created music that was original, fresh, yet steeped in the traditional. Their wild solos, swing tempos, powerful rhythms and rich harmonies made them one of the most exciting bands to hit the klezmer scene.

Their Red House album Crossing Selkirk Avenue (1993) was their first album released in the US and took the klezmer genre to a whole new level. Mixing a wide array of instrumentation with violin, mandolin, banjo, guitar, keys, and accordion. Finjan’s sound was unmistakeable, original, and delivered with an infectious energy that put them in the forefront of a klezmer revival.

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