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Call It My Garden

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  • Model: RHR-237
  • Artist: Carrie Elkin
  • Music Genre: Singer/Songwriter
  • Released on Tuesday 25 January, 2011

"I'm thinking Patty Griffin, Nanci Griffith and Iris DeMent....spellbinding from the opening track" - BBC Radio

"Carrie Elkin's songs are, at once, intimate yet universal, naked yet richly adorned. Her voice is simply revelatory" - FolkWax

Carrie Elkin is a charismatic songwriter with a roaming spirit who possesses one of the most powerful voices in Americana-folk music. On her Red House Records debut, Call It My Garden, her soulful energy and "warm, earthy poetry" (Maverick Magazine) shine with a sparkling mix of folk, Americana and string band sounds. A troubadour by any definition, Elkin has a growing legion of fans across North America as well as the UK and with Call It My Garden she delivers a vibrant collection of heartfelt songs that is sure to attract even more.

Authentic and beautiful, Carrie's album truly is a garden of heirloom riches, sweet from start to finish.

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Track Listing

   01 - Jesse Likes Birds - Carrie Elkin

   02 - Guilty Hands - Carrie Elkin

   03 - Lift Up the Anchor - Carrie Elkin

   04 - The Things We're Afraid Of - Carrie Elkin

   05 - Iowa - Carrie Elkin

   06 - Landeth By Sea - Carrie Elkin

   07 - Shots Rang Out - Carrie Elkin

   08 - Berlin - Carrie Elkin

   09 - St. Louis - Carrie Elkin

   10 - Dear Sam - Carrie Elkin

   11 - Edge of the World - Carrie Elkin

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