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  • Model: RHR-242
  • Artist: Pieta Brown
  • Music Genre: Singer/Songwriter
  • Released on Tuesday 27 September, 2011

"When Pieta sings you're aware of something effortless and natural, like rain on earth."  -Mark Knopfler

"a sublime recording" - iTunes

Inspired by a dream, Mercury was recorded in the country west of Nashville in a one room studio with a who's who of session players including a guest performance from Mark Knopfler who adds his inimitable touch to the blues stomp "So Many Miles."

Sometimes contemplative and other times brimming with energy, the album is infectious with country-esque numbers like "Be With You" and "I'm Gone," evoking the spirit of Lucinda Williams' classic album Car Wheels on a Gravel Road.

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Track Listing

   01 - Be With You - Pieta Brown

   02 - Butterfly Blues - Pieta Brown

   03 - Mercury - Pieta Brown

   04 - How Much of My Love - Pieta Brown

   05 - I'm Gone - Pieta Brown

   06 - I Want It Back - Pieta Brown

   07 - Blue Rider - Pieta Brown

   08 - Night All Day - Pieta Brown

   09 - Closing Time - Pieta Brown

   10 - I Don't Mind - Pieta Brown

   11 - Glory to Glory - Pieta Brown

   12 - So Many Miles - Pieta Brown

   13 - No Words Now - Pieta Brown

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