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The Garden

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  • Model: RHR-230
  • Artist: Ruth Moody
  • Music Genre: Singer/Songwriter
  • Released on Tuesday 20 April, 2010

"delicious and refreshing" - All Music

"as musically enticing as a ripe, red pomegranate" - Vintage Guitar

Ruth Moody's smashing US solo debut The Garden (Red House Records) is a vibrant and superb collection of pop-folk tunes. As one of the founding members of the folk supergroup The Wailin' Jennys, she proves herself a strong solo artist with these 12 breathtaking original songs. Her captivatingly sweet voice carries the refreshing melodies and as a multi-instrumentalist each track features a tasteful array of sound that pushes the boundaries of traditional acoustic music. Ruth Moody is a high-caliber songwriter and musician with major star talent and with The Garden, puts forth the kind of album top-40 pop stars wish they had written.

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Track Listing

   01 - The Garden - Ruth Moody

   02 - Cold Outside - Ruth Moody

   03 - Travellin' Shoes - Ruth Moody

   04 - We Can Only Listen - Ruth Moody

   05 - Within' Without You - Ruth Moody

   06 - Never Said Goodbye - Ruth Moody

   07 - Winter Waltz - Ruth Moody

   08 - Nest - Ruth Moody

   09 - We Could Pretend - Ruth Moody

   10 - Tell Me - Ruth Moody

   11 - Valentine - Ruth Moody

   12 - Closer Now - Ruth Moody

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