Neal & Leandra

Neal and Leandra

Neal and Leandra have been touring as a duo for more than twenty years with their laid back, easy going folk style that has won over fans across the country.  Their journey as musicians was a happy accident that has led them to a career as one of the most respected folk duos in acoustic music. 

Graduates of Gustavus Adolphus College in Minnesota, the two were on a completely different path.  Leandra went off to graduate school for Spanish and Neal received a Masters in divinity.  On his way to medical school and a lucrative career in international buisness, Neal dropped those plans and decided to hit the road as a musician with a handful of songs he had written. Somehow convincing Leandra to join him on tour, the two were well-received in the coffeehouses they played. 

After twenty years of playing together, Neal and Leandra continue to tour and produce rich heart-warming albums that have won them tens of thousands of fans. The simplicity and directness of their songs is disarming and elegant.  The songs are layered with textures of everyday life and love.  They have recorded eight albums indcluding four Red House releases: Hearts and Hammers (1994), Old Love (1995), Accidental Dreams (1996), and Stranger To My Kin (1998). 

Photo by: Ann Marsden