RHR98 - Slant Six Mind - Greg Brown

Slant Six Mind

Slant 6 Mind delivers all the warmth and immediacy of a command performance, with an understated mix that draws as much attention to the spaces in between as the notes and words themselves." - Musician

"A wise old bullfrog philosophizing in a fogbank... Brown's lyrics can be witty as John Hiatt's and as political as a Rock the Vote promo." - People

Slant 6 Mind is Greg's thirteenth album on Red House Records and a Grammy nominee! It's got a swampy, funky, lowdown sound that ranges from driving rhythms to sensuous folk and back again. The musicians are great and the combination of guitar playersGreg, Kelly Joe Phelps, and Bo Ramseyis superb. The feel of Slant 6 Mind reaches back to Greg's earlier albums, such as Down in There as it evokes the landscape and people that created hima world he sketches with the artistry of writers like William Faulkner, Bruce Springsteen or Robert Frost.

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Track Listing

 01 - Whatever It Was - Greg Brown

 02 - Loneliness House - Greg Brown

 03 - Mose Allison Played Here - Greg Brown

 04 - Spring & All - Greg Brown

 05 - Vivid - Greg Brown

 06 - Dusty Woods - Greg Brown

 07 - Billy From the Hills - Greg Brown

 08 - Speaking In Tongues - Greg Brown

 09 - Enough - Greg Brown

 10 - Hurt So Nice - Greg Brown

 11 - Wild Like A Sonny Boy - Greg Brown

 12 - Down At The Mill - Greg Brown

 13 - Why Don't You Just Go Home - Greg Brown