RHR90 - Pilgrims on the Heartroad - Peter Ostroushko

Pilgrims on the Heartroad

"Trying to find a descriptive label for Peter Ostroushko's music is a lot like using words to describe Picasso's painting. It can't be done. About the best one can do is to declare that, whatever the style or medium, Ostroushko's music is created with passion and imagination and is performed with breath-taking precision." - Tulsa World

"Peter Ostroushko is one of the greatest mandolin players going today." - Norman Blake

Second of his "Heart of the Heartland" series is Pilgrims on the Heart Road showcases Peter's remarkable mandolin and fiddle work, as well as elegant, transfixing compositions that blend folk, country, and classical elements. While Heart of the Heartland was an instrumental collection that evoked the American landscape in the vein of Aaron Copland, Pilgrims on the Heart Road is a vocal album that pays tribute to human relationships, peace, and spirit.

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Track Listing

 01 - Miracle - Peter Ostroushko

 02 - Mandela - Peter Ostroushko

 03 - Twilight of Our Years - Peter Ostroushko

 04 - My People - Peter Ostroushko

 05 - Down on the Plain of Reeds - Peter Ostroushko

 06 - Once Again - Peter Ostroushko

 07 - I'm So Glad You Came Into My Life - Peter Ostroushko

 08 - You Don't Know What Lonely Is - Peter Ostroushko

 09 - Baby, Bring Your Sweet Lovin' To Me - Peter Ostroushko

 10 - Like Memories Often Do - Peter Ostroushko