RHR89 - Call Down the Thunder - Guy Davis

Call Down the Thunder

"What is remarkable about Guy Davis' picking style and easy songwriting grace is that his songs sound so deeply drenched in lost black traditions that you feel they must predate him. But no, they don't. He created them." - USA Today

"Talent and charisma...Davis performs with authority." - New York Times

Call Down the Thunder, Guy's first studio album for Red House, is an electrifying display of his gifts. The album of mostly original songs showcases the breadth of the blues. Some of the songs are sharp and fast, rockin' songs influenced by the blues masters, some are sexy and bristling with an edge of electric blues, and some are sweet and sensual, and will stop your heart with their emotion.

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Track Listing

 01 - Georgia Jelly Roll - Guy Davis

 02 - I Got the Power - Guy Davis

 03 - When You Got a Good Friend - Guy Davis

 04 - Long Train - Guy Davis

 05 - Run Sinner Run - Guy Davis

 06 - Mama's Gonna Fix It Right - Guy Davis

 07 - Jelly Bone Jelly - Guy Davis

 08 - See Me When You Can - Guy Davis

 09 - Gee the Mule - Guy Davis

 10 - Minglewood Blues - Guy Davis

 11 - Thanksgiving Day - Guy Davis

 12 - The Road Is Calling - Guy Davis

 13 - New Shoes - Guy Davis