RHR54 - Gamblin' Woman Blues - Paul Geremia

Gamblin' Woman Blues

"From start to finish, Gamblin' Woman Blues is the work of a master acoustic bluesman (not some pop martinet who's just had his plug pulled by a honcho in the front office). If a better body of work has been produced in the genre recently, I haven't heard it." - Blues Revue Quarterly

Paul's Red House debut is a joyous romp of originals and clasic songs by Tampa Red an other blues greats!

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Track Listing

 01 - Gamblin' Woman Blues - Paul Geremia

 02 - Cocaine Princess - Paul Geremia

 03 - Skin Game Blues - Paul Geremia

 04 - Nobody's Sweetheart Now - Paul Geremia

 05 - Cheater's Spell - Paul Geremia

 06 - Blues Around Midnight - Paul Geremia

 07 - She Moves It Just Right - Paul Geremia

 08 - Special Rider Blues - Paul Geremia

 09 - Good Liquor Gonna Carry Me Down (Keep On Drinkin') - Paul Geremia

 10 - One More Last Time - Paul Geremia

 11 - The Things That Used To Matte - Paul Geremia

 12 - Dr. Jazz - Paul Geremia