RHR280 - Paradise Outlaw - Pieta Brown

Paradise Outlaw

"steeped in the sort of misty indie-folk you might hear on a Bon Iver record" - Acoustic Guitar

"It's not only one of the best folk discs in recent memory, but it's also an album so singular in style that it may indeed raise the bar for all who follow in her wake." - BLURT Magazine

Paradise Outlaw was recorded in four days at Bon Iver mastermind Justin Vernon's April Base studio in Wisconsin with a supporting cast that includes Vernon, Amos Lee, Brown's troubadour father, Greg Brown and various members of an experimental group of players she calls the Sawdust Collective. Paradise Outlaw boasts some of Pieta's most emotionally resonant compositions, and some of her most expressive performances, to date.

Showcasing Brown's established strengths while staking out fresh new creative territory, Brown says of the songs, "On my last album, I was recording near Nashville with top-call studio musicians who I hadn't worked with before, and exploring the idea of craft and trying to hone in on more classic forms than I had previously." She adds, "Paradise Outlaw came from a radically different place. I was thinking a lot about freedom, experimentation, poetry, folk songs, bending forms and voices. I also wrote and delivered half the songs on the banjo, which was completely new for me."

Paradise Outlaw features twelve originals by Brown plus a co-write and duet with soulster Amos Lee ("Do You Know") and a cover of Mark Knopfler's "Before Gas And TV."

Brown continues, "Growing up around many musicians and artists, often living on the fringe, I have always felt most at home among them.  And that's where I made this recording. Surrounded by friends in an underground Mid-western goldmine."

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Track Listing

   01 - Wondering How - Pieta Brown

   02 - Ricochet - Pieta Brown

   03 - Flowers of Love - Pieta Brown

   04 - Do You Know? - Pieta Brown

   05 - No Not Me - Pieta Brown

   06 - Before Gas and TV - Pieta Brown

   07 - All My Rain - Pieta Brown

   08 - Little Swainson - Pieta Brown

   09 - Painter's Hands - Pieta Brown

   10 - Heading Home - Pieta Brown

   11 - Letter in Hand - Pieta Brown

   12 - Back to You - Pieta Brown

   13 - Receiver - Pieta Brown

   14 - Rise My Only Rose - Pieta Brown