RHR271 - Bright Side Of Down - John Gorka

Bright Side Of Down

"Wry, slice-of-life observations reminiscent of Lyle Lovett and John Prine." - Associated Press

"few performers are as consistently touching as Gorka." - The Huffington Post

Bright Side of Down is a rich listening experience that resonates with the classic, "Gorka-esque" sound and lyrical insight that's earned him generations of devoted fans. The songs are witty, bluesy, energetic, and a touch on a universal nerve that has become his signature. Featuring guest vocals from Eliza Gilkyson, Claudia Schmidt, Lucy Kaplansky, and Michael Johnson, Bright Side of Down is a record that will keep you thinking and humming along, long after the album ends.

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Track Listing

   01 - Holed Up Mason City - John Gorka

   02 - Bright Side of Down - John Gorka

   03 - High Horse - John Gorka

   04 - More Than One - John Gorka

   05 - She's That Kind of Mystery - John Gorka

   06 - Outnumbered - John Gorka

   07 - Don't Judge a Life - John Gorka

   08 - Honeybee - John Gorka

   09 - Procrastination Blues - John Gorka

   10 - Thirstier World - John Gorka

   11 - Mind to Think - John Gorka

   12 - Really Spring - John Gorka