RHR268 - So Say We All - David Francey

So Say We All

"known as one of Canada's finest tunesmiths and a champion of the Everyman" - The Edmonton Journal

"He's like those Texas songwriters, the Guy Clark's and Van Zandt's...Each song is a bit of common sense philosophy, mixed with a tiny bit of sadness and a lot of love." - CBC New Brunswick

David Francey is a renowned folk troubadour who writes songs with heart-wrenching honesty about the struggles of the poor and working class. On So Say We All he reflects on his own journey through a period of struggle, from depression to losing important people in his life. "The lesson learned," he says, "was to celebrate every day spent on this side of the soil and to keep marching no matter what comes our way."

That spirit of perseverance bursts from each song on the album, from the opening track "Rain" about the failure and rebirth of love to the bittersweet hymn "So Say We All." Capturing the dark times ("Pandora's Box," "Ordinary Man") as well as life's shining moments ("Satellite," "Blue Skies"), the album is a perfect acoustic showcase of what makes Francey's songwriting so special. Poetic and fearless, Francey draws from his own experiences, delving into his recent depression ("Harm") and singing about his colorful experiences on the road ("Cheap Motel").

Now ten albums into his recording career, Francey has demonstrated the kind of consistency as a songwriter that makes even other songwriters shake their head in disbelief. On So Say We All, he shares yet another collection of so-good-they-could-be-traditional numbers marked by the perfectly-stated poetry and stick-in-your-head melodies of the enduring folk song, best exemplified by songs like "Blue Yonder" and "Long Long Road."

Beautifully spare and full of instant classics, So Say We All is sure to be a favorite with folk fans of every generation.

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Track Listing

   01 - Rain - David Francey

   02 - Cheap Motel - David Francey

   03 - Harm - David Francey

   04 - Pandora's Box - David Francey

   05 - Weather Vane - David Francey

   06 - Satellite - David Francey

   07 - American Blues - David Francey

   08 - A Star Above - David Francey

   09 - Long Long Road - David Francey

   10 - Ordinary Man - David Francey

   11 - Blue Skies - David Francey

   12 - Blue Yonder - David Francey

   13 - Bitterroot - David Francey

   14 - So Say We All - David Francey