RHR263 - El Rancho Azul - Dale Watson

El Rancho Azul

"The country-western troubadour keeps the classic sounds alive...simply the real deal." KUT Radio

"one of the strongest country & western vocalists around." All Music Guide

El Rancho Azul is the honkiest tonkiest album of Dale Watson's long career. Filled with 14 original tunes that are filled with all the insight, warmth, and humor that have made him a favorite around the world.
Recorded at good friend Willie Nelson's Pedernales studio, El Rancho Azul features the first studio recording of the fan favorite "I Lie When I Drink" as well as a father's touching sentiments reflected in "Daughter's Wedding Song." Boasting rollicking songs of drinking, barrooms, and dance floor romance, El Rancho Azul is as real as country music gets and is sure to get you on the dance floor!

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Track Listing

   00 - Daughter's Wedding Song - Dale Watson

   01 - I Lie When I Drink - Dale Watson

   02 - Where Do You Want It - Dale Watson

   03 - I Drink to Remember - Dale Watson

   04 - Cowboy Boots - Dale Watson

   05 - We're Gonna Get Married - Dale Watson

   06 - Daughter's Wedding Song - Dale Watson

   07 - Quick Quick Slow Slow - Dale Watson

   08 - Slow Quick Quick - Dale Watson

   09 - Give Me More Kisses - Dale Watson

   10 - Drink Drink Drink - Dale Watson

   11 - I Can't Be Satisfied - Dale Watson

   12 - I Hate to Drink Alone - Dale Watson

   13 - Smokey Old Bar - Dale Watson

   14 - Thanks to Tequila - Dale Watson