RHR255 - Reunion - Lucy Kaplansky


"She has it all: the voice, the look, the wirting, the singing, the stage presence, the solid guitar work and the fans." - Sing Out!

"Kaplansky weaves...fragile lives together, making even tenuous connections as palpable as flesh and blood." - USA Today

Reunion is an eloquent masterpiece that mixes vibrant melodies with Americana/folk rhythms. The record explores family history and where we come from with pop and country-tinged hooks that have come to define Lucy's timeless sound.

The title song "Reunion" celebrates Lucy's pioneering immigrant grandmother and her journey from Poland to Toronto, where the matriarch and business woman founded the Health Bread Bakery chain in the early 20th century. Depicted on the album cover in a painting by noted political cartoonist Avrom Yanovsky (one of the original bakery workers and father to Lovin' Spoonful's Zal Yanovsky), the bakery was the center of the Kaplansky family's life.

Like the title track, each song on Reunion tells its own unique story. Lucy and co-writer Richard Litvin connect us to our common humanity through songs of family, origins, loss and discovery--from watching parents pass on ("I'll See You Again" and "Sleep Well"), to witnessing a daughter blossom ("Mother's Day"), to chronicling the journey of an abandoned child refugee ("Scavenger"). These poignant originals are woven with unique covers of Eliza Gilkyson, Woody Guthrie, Amy Correia and The Beatles. Together these tracks create a tapestry that is at turns deeply moving, joyful, rollicking, and meditative.

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Track Listing

   01 - Scavenger - Lucy Kaplansky

   02 - The Beauty Way - Lucy Kaplansky

   03 - Mother's Day - Lucy Kaplansky

   04 - Life Is Beautiful - Lucy Kaplansky

   05 - This Morning I Am Born Again - Lucy Kaplansky

   06 - Reunion - Lucy Kaplansky

   07 - Gone Gone Gone - Lucy Kaplansky

   08 - I'll See You Again - Lucy Kaplansky

   09 - My Father's Son - Lucy Kaplansky

   10 - I'm Looking Through You - Lucy Kaplansky

   11 - Sleep Well - Lucy Kaplansky