RHR254 - Bend In The River - Claudia Schmidt

Bend In The River

"she has talent AND the fire of genius" - Boston Globe

"When Claudia sings a song it stays sung" - Garrison Keillor

Claudia Schmidt's Bend in the River is a dazzling collection of 16 essential tracks from the singer's prolific Red House Records catalog. Claudia's magnetic personality and powerful voice shine through on every track showing her unique capability to unite the folk, jazz, and blues idioms into one.

Featuring appearances from JJ Farley & The Original Soul Stirrers, members of Beausoleil, and the Violent Femmes, Claudia criss-crosses genres with ease, treating the listener to smokey jazz originals like "You Can Call Me Baby," "Pretty at the End" to the soaring soul sounds of "Make it Across the Road" and "Invitation to the Weep." Drawing on her traditional folk roots on tracks like "Grampa Johnson" and "Going By" with Sally Rogers and then diving straight into the playful island spirited "Banana Moon" shows that Claudia is a true master of her craft.

Comprised of 15 originals and one folk traditional, Claudia takes us through the genius of her storied career as one of the preeminent songwriters and performers in folk music. An eclectic and free-spirited person, this collection of her past catalog is by no means a bookend to her career, but a celebration of her musical journey, where she has been and looks forward to taking both her loyal fans and new listeners.

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Track Listing

   01 - Bend in the River - Claudia Schmidt

   02 - Pretty at the End - Claudia Schmidt

   03 - You Can Call Me Baby - Claudia Schmidt

   04 - Make It Across the Road - Claudia Schmidt

   05 - Racer - Claudia Schmidt

   06 - Persephone's Song - Claudia Schmidt

   07 - Invitation to the Weep - Claudia Schmidt

   08 - Black Crow - Claudia Schmidt

   09 - Grampa Johnson - Claudia Schmidt

   10 - Going By - Claudia Schmidt

   11 - Banana Moon - Claudia Schmidt

   12 - Waltzing at the 45th Parallel - Claudia Schmidt

   13 - Rising - Claudia Schmidt

   14 - Wings of Wonder - Claudia Schmidt

   15 - Wayfaring Stranger - Claudia Schmidt

   16 - It All Depends - Claudia Schmidt