RHR247 - Dark So Gold - The Pines

Dark So Gold

"Easily my favorite record of the year. It has more in common with a great novel or book of poetry than it does with most music being made today." - Mason Jennings

"a soundtrack of American gothic intensity...a stunner of an album." - Vintage Guitar

By popular demand, The Pines Dark So Gold is now available on limited edition vinyl LP! Experience the 10 songs of Dark So Gold like never before as their haunting sonic landscapes are brought to a whole new level. Each LP comes with a digital download card with a code to download the album so you can enjoy Dark So Gold wherever you are.

There truly is no other band like The Pines. Their distinct blend of dark, atmospheric indie-rock, folk and blues has been described by Rolling Stone's David Fricke as "quietly gripping." On Dark So Gold, their 3rd Red House Records release, Benson Ramsey and David Huckfelt lead up their 7-piece band to invoke all the allure and mystery that permeates through their previous records with 10 songs that showcase the group's expanding sound while exploring new sonic ground. Balancing between their folk roots and indie-rock influences, Dark So Gold is an album poised to break The Pines into the mainstream.

Conjuring rural ghosts, Dark So Gold mixes their rich, poetic lyrics with the sonic landscapes that The Pines have made their signature. Exploring the tension between city and small town and the loneliness that can exist in both, they move through breakups and new beginnings on songs like "If By Morning," "All the While," "Dead Feathers" and the radio-friendly "Chimes." Whether rocking out ("Rise Up and Be Lonely") or playing contemplative instrumentals ("Moonrise, IA" and "Losing the Stars"), The Pines cook up a diverse palette of musical flavors and songs that reflect on cold days, dark nights and the hope that shines in between.

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Track Listing

   01 - Cry, Cry, Crow - The Pines

   02 - If By Morning - The Pines

   03 - All the While - The Pines

   04 - Moonrise, IA - The Pines

   05 - Rise Up and Be Lonely - The Pines

   06 - Be There in Bells - The Pines

   07 - Grace Hill - The Pines

   08 - Chimes - The Pines

   09 - Dead Feathers - The Pines

   10 - Losing the Stars - The Pines