RHR243 - Bad Man's Blood - Ray Bonneville

Bad Man's Blood

"Ray Bonneville may have one of the sexiest guitar styles around" - Acoustic Guitar

"tough, gritty songs and masterful guitar playing" - Dirty Linen

Steeped in the slinky blues/folk grooves of Ray Bonneville is Bad Man's Blood. A hard-hitting blues masterpiece with some of Ray's strongest songwriting. This roaming blues poet delivers a career defining record with sparse production and a salty-grit that seems to ooze from Ray's fingers and drip off his guitar. Evoking the ghost of John Lee Hooker, the 11 tracks on Bad Man's Blood take you along the rising banks of the Mississippi to lonely streets at night, through the dark side of lives gone astray and the push and pull of love.

As a master of minimalism, Bad Man's Blood is Ray at his finest, conjuring up the soul of each note and the power of the spaces them. It is the kind of record you want to listen to over and over as the deep grooves drive each song into the next with ease and before you're ready, the last song has ended and you're ready for another spin.

There truly is no other bluesman like Ray Bonneville who writes lyrics that matter and laces them with a deep, soulful vibe to create a truly unique sound. Ray's award winning songwriting (International Folk Alliance Song of the Year for "I am the Big Easy" from Goin' By Feel) is front and center on Bad Man's Blood, a record that is destined to be a classic.

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Track Listing

   01 - Bad Man's Blood - Ray Bonneville

   02 - Sugar and Riley - Ray Bonneville

   03 - River John - Ray Bonneville

   04 - Good Times - Ray Bonneville

   05 - Mississippi - Ray Bonneville

   06 - Night Walker - Ray Bonneville

   07 - Darlin' (Put Your Suitcase Down) - Ray Bonneville

   08 - Blonde of Mine - Ray Bonneville

   09 - Cross and Flowers - Ray Bonneville

   10 - Ray's Jump - Ray Bonneville

   11 - Funny 'bout Love - Ray Bonneville