RHR237 - Call It My Garden - Carrie Elkin

Call It My Garden

"I'm thinking Patty Griffin, Nanci Griffith and Iris DeMent....spellbinding from the opening track" - BBC Radio

"Carrie Elkin's songs are, at once, intimate yet universal, naked yet richly adorned. Her voice is simply revelatory" - FolkWax

Carrie Elkin is a charismatic songwriter with a roaming spirit who possesses one of the most powerful voices in Americana-folk music. On her Red House Records debut, Call It My Garden, her soulful energy and "warm, earthy poetry" (Maverick Magazine) shine with a sparkling mix of folk, Americana and string band sounds. A troubadour by any definition, Elkin has a growing legion of fans across North America as well as the UK and with Call It My Garden she delivers a vibrant collection of heartfelt songs that is sure to attract even more.

The free-spirit of Call It My Garden is obvious from the opening track "Jesse Likes Birds" and continues through the raucous closer "Edge of the World." In a truly collaborative effort, the album was recorded in Austin with friends and musicians Carrie often performs with. Capturing the organic feel of the music, the tracks were recorded live in songwriter Sam Baker's living room, office and kitchen which created a loose environment that has a healthy dose of spontaneity, allowing the music to evolve on its own.

Produced by frequent collaborators Colin Brooks of The Band of Heathens and Red House artist Danny Schmidt, the album captures the joyful spirit and intimacy that only happens between friends. Up-tempo tracks like "Jesse Likes Birds" and "Guilty Hands" are reminiscent of a jubilant down-home hootenanny while tracks like "Lift Up the Anchor" and "Dear Sam" (written for Sam Baker and featuring him on harmony vocals) sound like whispered late-night confessions.

Authentic and beautiful, Carrie's album truly is a garden of heirloom riches, sweet from start to finish.

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Track Listing

   01 - Jesse Likes Birds - Carrie Elkin

   02 - Guilty Hands - Carrie Elkin

   03 - Lift Up the Anchor - Carrie Elkin

   04 - The Things We're Afraid Of - Carrie Elkin

   05 - Iowa - Carrie Elkin

   06 - Landeth By Sea - Carrie Elkin

   07 - Shots Rang Out - Carrie Elkin

   08 - Berlin - Carrie Elkin

   09 - St. Louis - Carrie Elkin

   10 - Dear Sam - Carrie Elkin

   11 - Edge of the World - Carrie Elkin