RHR232 - Man Of Many Moons - Danny Schmidt

Man Of Many Moons

"His idiosyncratic, meticulously constructed folk songs are infused with intellect and quirkiness." - The New Yorker

"Danny Schmidt is a force of nature: a blue moon, a hundred-year flood, an avalanche of a singer-songwriter." - Dirty Linen

Austin folk-singer Danny Schmidt has emerged as one of the most revered songwriters in acoustic music with his distinctive songwriting style and captivating performances. Man of Many Moons, his second Red House Records release, is nothing short of an acoustic masterpiece. The eleven songs were recorded with simplicity and minimal production creating a mood of intimacy allowing Danny's guitar playing and poetic lyricism to carry the power of the record.

On Man of Many Moons, Danny's songs dance around the theme of personal evolution and a complicated relationship with commitment. The album begins and ends with songs of self-discovery ("Houses Sing" and "Know Thy Place") and in between moves through the personally conscious to the socially conscious--from the devastatingly honest title track to the playfully political "Guilty By Association Blues." Full of humor and revelation, Man of Many Moons is an album about challenging some of life's difficult rough edges.

Simple and bare, Man of Many Moons exemplifies why Danny Schmidt is the genuine article--an artist who shares his own experiences to reveal deep truths about our lives and our purpose and place in the world.

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Track Listing

   01 - Houses Sing - Danny Schmidt

   02 - Little White Angels - Danny Schmidt

   03 - Man of Many Moons - Danny Schmidt

   04 - Buckets of Rain - Danny Schmidt

   05 - Ragtime Ragtime Blues - Danny Schmidt

   06 - Guilty By Association Blues - Danny Schmidt

   07 - Almost Round the World - Danny Schmidt

   08 - Two Guitars - Danny Schmidt

   09 - On Abundance - Danny Schmidt

   10 - I Mostly Watched - Danny Schmidt

   11 - Know Thy Place - Danny Schmidt