RHR229 - One And All - Pieta Brown

One And All

"Pieta's music resonates with a seductive simplicity and lyrical grace" - BBC

"a genuine talent" - iTunes

One and All is Pieta Brown's stunning breakout album with 12 original songs that perfectly meld roots rock and moody alt-country. Following up on her critically acclaimed EP Shimmer, Pieta delivers hypnotic melodies and soul-tinged grooves, with her signature vocals and an electrifying band. Distinguishing herself from the crowd of singer/songwriters these songs prove why Pieta is "one of the best modern songwriters" (Sonic Boomers) in music today. Part Tom Petty cool and part J.J. Cale groove, One and All is a timeless record that has the makings of a true classic.

At the production helm for the first time, Pieta has created a record with the touch of a veteran. One and All isn't cluttered with unnecessary instrumentation or too much studio shine, rather the songs were carefully recorded almost entirely live in just 4 and a half days in her hometown of Iowa City. Her compelling vocals have a hauntingly powerful quality that many of today's indie-rockers try to emulate, but for Pieta it's natural. Drawing on influences from Sade to Ray LaMontagne, the songs have a mellow cool as well as an edge that rocks as much as it drawls. Songs like "Calling All Angels" convey a sad isolation while "Other Way Around" is quietly prophetic and unforgettable. Fans of Shimmer will hear a rocked up version of "El Guero" that sounds like it could have been a B-side to Tom Petty's "Runnin' Down a Dream" while "Faller" is her beautifully lilting tribute to her musical heroes Tom Petty and J.J. Cale. One of the gems on this utterly fantastic record.

One and All is the kind of album that raises the bar for what is considered great music. An album of this magnitude only comes around every now and again and Pieta is the real deal.

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Track Listing

   01 - Wishes Falling Through The Rain - Pieta Brown

   02 - Other Way Around - Pieta Brown

   03 - Out Of The Blue - Pieta Brown

   04 - Prayer Of Roses - Pieta Brown

   05 - Calling All Angels - Pieta Brown

   06 - El Guero - Pieta Brown

   07 - Faller - Pieta Brown

   08 - Flowers In The Kingdom - Pieta Brown

   09 - Shake - Pieta Brown

   10 - Grass Upon The Hills - Pieta Brown

   11 - Never Did Belong - Pieta Brown

   12 - It Wasn't That - Pieta Brown