RHR227 - Shimmer - Pieta Brown


"the best poet I've heard in a long damn time" - Iris Dement

"Pieta Brown is a great singer/songwriter who possesses major star power magnetism." - Don Was

If you don't think of great songwriters when you think of Iowa, now you will. Pieta Brown emerges as a "self-styled poetess, folk goddess and country waif" (BBC) with the release of her powerful Red House Records debut, Shimmer. The story of the album is a case of fortuitous serendipity. The result is a 7-song EP whose stripped down nature lets Pieta's lilting drawl deliver her lyrics with its full magnitude and depth.

One day while driving through L.A. and listening to the radio, the legendary producer Don Was heard Pieta performing live and solo in-studio. Struck by the uniqueness of her voice, her delivery, and the substance of her songs, he pulled his car over to listen and make note of this fresh new artist. Later, he mentioned her name in an interview as an artist he was intrigued with, and the rest is history.

In late March of 2009, Pieta was touring in California and connected with Don for two afternoons to show him some of her new songs. Don's vision was to record Pieta as he heard her that day on the radio, with her songs and voice, "unadorned" and full center. Recorded live and mixed as it went down, Shimmer is the enchanting result. Featuring 7 original songs, the CD has an intimate feel--as if Pieta was right there in the room, singing her songs just for you. From the lilting country tune "Lovin' You Still" to the haunting "You're My Lover Now," she delivers truly poetic story songs backed by Bo Ramsey (electric guitar, harmony vocals) and Don Was (string bass). Shimmer confirms that Pieta Brown is a songwriter to be reckoned with and a talent too good to ignore.

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Track Listing

 01 - I Know a Girl - Pieta Brown

 02 - Lovin' You Still - Pieta Brown

 03 - Hey Joey - Pieta Brown

 04 - Over You - Pieta Brown

 05 - El Guero - Pieta Brown

 06 - Diamonds in the Sky - Pieta Brown

 07 - You're My Lover Now - Pieta Brown