RHR224 - The Living Side - Meg Hutchinson

The Living Side

"Hutchinson's refreshingly rancor-free compositions demonstrate that music can be soft without being gutless." - Vintage Guitar

"In Meg Hutchinson's universe, there is no useful distance between the personal and the political." - Boston Globe

Following the success of her critically acclaimed Red House Records debut Come Up Full, award-winning songwriter Meg Hutchinson returns with The Living Side. The album paints a vivid picture of the way America lives today, relentlessly moving and unsure of its destination. Reaching a new level of brilliance with her song craft, the eleven songs on the record are a moody mix of acoustic folk gems that explore this time of challenge and change. Atmospheric keyboards lay behind Meg's lush vocals giving a subtle power to her refined melodies. From the reflective mood of "Being Happy," the haunting harmonies of "Hopeful Things," and the carefree sway of the album's closer "Something Else" The Living Side is a contemplative record that plays out like a quiet conversation, leaving room for questions and space for the listener to answer.

Once again teaming up with producer Crit Harmon, Meg's vocals are front and center, augmented by a moody wurlitzer and tasteful guitars that give pause for her intimate lyrics to resonate. The Living Side is a deeply layered collection of songs with a caliber of musicianship that proves she is one of the most important voices of folk music's next generation. Each tune is written, recorded and arranged with the kind of meticulous artistic eye you'd expect from great artists, but their themes reside on a side of life that listeners from the apple orchard to trailer parks and the Statue of Liberty to factory town can relate.

The Living Side is a hypnotic musical journey that takes on new emotional meaning with every listen and encourages us to choose the living side.

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Track Listing

   01 - Hard to Change - Meg Hutchinson

   02 - Being Happy - Meg Hutchinson

   03 - Gatekeeper - Meg Hutchinson

   04 - See Me Now - Meg Hutchinson

   05 - Hopeful Things - Meg Hutchinson

   06 - Travel In - Meg Hutchinson

   07 - At First It Was Fun - Meg Hutchinson

   08 - Yea Tho We Walk - Meg Hutchinson

   09 - Full of Light - Meg Hutchinson

   10 - Every Day - Meg Hutchinson

   11 - Something Else - Meg Hutchinson