RHR223 - So Dark You See - John Gorka

So Dark You See

"one of the foremost folkies of his generation...Gorka delivers 13 more reasons why he ranks as one of contemporary folk music's leading talents." - Vintage Guitar

"Sophisticated yet never over-complicated, Gorka's a veteran with miles to go before he's complete." - iTunes

John Gorka has always been one of the premier songwriters in folk music and with So Dark You See, he offers up yet another masterpiece. The record is powerful, vibrant, intelligent and tender. The 16 tracks dazzle with a freshness that appeals to a broad spectrum of fans yet holds to that classic Gorka sound making this one of his strongest recordings of his career.

With a provocative, soul-stirring, sophistication, John turns keen observations of the troubles and rough roads we travel during tough times into musical gems that shine with a hopefulness in a dark time. Songs like "Whole Wide World" and " Mr. Chambers" are pop-infused folk at their best with choruses that hook you in while "Where No Monument Stands," "Ignorance and Privilege," and "Diminishing Winds" are as contemplative as they are clever. Among John's prolific originals are his compelling reinterpretations of Utah Phillips' "I Think of You," "Trouble in Mind" by Richard Jones and Michael Smith's"The Dutchman."

As all great songwriters do, John pushes his own musical boundaries with his first recorded instrumentals "Fret One" and "Fret Not." These two songs have as much of an emotional impact as the others, but allow John to showcase his raw talent as a musician.

On So Dark You See, John Gorka delivers an ambitious and striking collection of songs with a thematic complexity that digs into the darkness of the human condition and drags it back out into the light. Like the lone skeleton of a tree on the cover that has weathered the storm, Gorka's words part the clouds to reassure the listener that once you can see through the darkness there is hope on the horizon.

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Track Listing

   01 - A Fond Kiss - John Gorka

   02 - Whole Wide World - John Gorka

   03 - CanŐt Get Over It - John Gorka

   04 - Fret One - John Gorka

   05 - Ignorance & Privilege - John Gorka

 06 - Utah -John Gorka

   07 - I Think of You - John Gorka

   08 - Where No Monuments Stand - John Gorka

   09 - Night into Day - John Gorka

 10 - Fret Not -John Gorka

   11 - Live by the Sword - John Gorka

   12 - Trouble in Mind - John Gorka

   13 - The Dutchman - John Gorka

   14 - Mr. Chambers - John Gorka

   15 - That Was the Year - John Gorka

   16 - Diminishing Winds - John Gorka