RHR216 - Instead The Forest Rose To Sing - Danny Schmidt

Instead The Forest Rose To Sing

Called the best new songwriter in the last 15 years by Sing Out! magazine, Austin singer-songwriter Danny Schmidt writes songs that evoke Leonard Cohen and Townes Van Zandt. His debut on Red House is innovative and deep, mixing folk, Americana and indie-roots sounds.

"beautifully crafted...complex beguiling words" -Q Magazine

Best known as a songwriter, this Austin native is also one of folk's best guitarists as his Red House debut makes plain. This outstanding album is loaded with knock out songs that explore modern existence through vivid characters and their search for meaningful lives.

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Track Listing

   01 - Better Off Broke - Danny Schmidt

   02 - Swing Me Down - Danny Schmidt

   03 - Grampa Built Bridges - Danny Schmidt

   04 - Southland Street - Danny Schmidt

   05 - Two Timing Bank Robber's Lament - Danny Schmidt

   06 - Firestorm - Danny Schmidt

   07 - Serpentine Cycle Of Money - Danny Schmidt

   08 - Oh Bally Ho - Danny Schmidt

   09 - Accidentally Daisies - Danny Schmidt

   10 - The Night's Beginning To Shine - Danny Schmidt