RHR178 - Roll It Down - Ray Bonneville

Roll It Down

"A potent blues cocktail, reminiscent of John Lee Hooker, leavened with Clapton and Dire Straits styled guitar work." - Folk Roots

"Like Gunpowder and Opium" - Ray Wylie Hubbard

Roll It Down was Ray Bonneville's Red House debut that features his signature sound, straightforward--no tricks. It relies on a powerful groove and a "less notes is more" approach to guitar playing, subtle rack harmonica, weathered vocals and an amplified footboard to keep rhythm. The resulting 12 tracks are an entrancing electric sound that snakes back and forth from gut to brainstem warming the core with raw emotion.

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Track Listing

 01 - Tomorrow's Yesterday - Ray Bonneville

 02 - Under The Bridge - Ray Bonneville

 03 - July Sun - Ray Bonneville

 04 - Roll It Down - Ray Bonneville

 05 - Oxford Town - Ray Bonneville

 06 - Walk With Me - Ray Bonneville

 07 - Tiptoe Spider - Ray Bonneville

 08 - Slow Matin - Ray Bonneville

 09 - Who's Talkin' To Me - Ray Bonneville

 10 - Stand Real Still - Ray Bonneville

 11 - You Know What I Mean - Ray Bonneville

 12 - I Been A Train - Ray Bonneville