RHR163 - The Greatest Story Never Told - John McCutcheon

The Greatest Story Never Told

"Incandescent!" - Rolling Stone

"When pressed for the perfect example of a modern folk muscian, it's John McCutcheon's name that comes to mind." - Sing Out!

Hailed by many as heir-apparent to the activist folk tradition of Pete Seeger and Phil Ochs, John has spent the last 30 years immersed in worthy political causes at home and abroad, still finding time to write and perform the stirring music that has become his trademark. Not limited to music of social conscience, he has also been nominated for 5 GRAMMYS for his outstanding children's CDs, and is the reigning master of the hammered dulcimer. The energy that JOHN and band bring to this powerful collection of all-new songs is amazing. Marking several milestones (his 50th birthday, 30 years in music, and his first album on a new label) the songs deliver powerfully concise observations on where we've been, where we are and where we are going! TIM O'BRIEN and Australian KERRIANNE COX make guest appearances and John's gift for weaving astute commentary with crisp song writing and instrumental expertise is manifest throughout the CD. Includes: "Not In My Name," "Extend a Hand," Children of Abraham" and "Ghosts of the Good Old Days."

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Track Listing

 01 - Greatest Story Never Told - John McCutcheon

 02 - Ghosts of the Good Old Days - John McCutcheon

 03 - Dancing in the Street - John McCutcheon

 04 - Last First Kiss - John McCutcheon

 05 - Barbershop - John McCutcheon

 06 - Children of Abraham - John McCutcheon

 07 - Extend a Hand - John McCutcheon

 08 - Follow the Light - John McCutcheon

 09 - Not in My Name - John McCutcheon

 10 - When I Grow Up - John McCutcheon

 11 - Used to Be - John McCutcheon

 12 - Walk on Water - John McCutcheon

 13 - One in a Million - John McCutcheon