RHR151 - The Company You Keep - John Gorka

The Company You Keep

"The preeminent male singer-songwriter of the New Folk Movement." Rolling Stone

"One of the smartest and most authentic folk voices of the decade." - Minneapolis Star-Tribune

Common conception holds that the company you keep says much about who you are. If that is true then the songs on the company you keep, shine a bit more light on us all. They run the gamut of emotionstelling stories of how "the company you keep" can either lift you up or tear you down, sustain you or be downright hazardous to your health. A gem of a recording!

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Track Listing

 01 - What Was That - John Gorka

 02 - A Saint's Complaint - John Gorka

 03 - Oh Abraham - John Gorka

 04 - When You Walk In - John Gorka

 05 - Shape Of The World - John Gorka

 06 - Morningside - John Gorka

 07 - When I Lost My Faith - John Gorka

 08 - Joint Of No Return - John Gorka

 09 - Let Them In - John Gorka

 10 - Over There - John Gorka

 11 - Hank Senior Moment - John Gorka

 12 - Around The House - John Gorka

 13 - Wisheries - John Gorka

 14 - People My Age - John Gorka