RHR127 - The Devil's Music - Paul Geremia

The Devil's Music

"Geremia consistently manages to keep his repertoire fresh and compelling. A veteran, top-drawer fingerstyle guitarist and convincing, husky-throated singer, Geremia knows the ins and outs of country blues, yet he's not reluctant to put his own spin on them." - The Washington Post

"One of the best country blues finger-pickers ever." - Acoustic Guitar

Paul Geremia is a bluesman's bluesman. He's a weathered performer revered for his incredible guitar playing; soulful, expressive voice; and authentic take on acoustic blues. His new album The Devil's Music delivers all of that. The title refers to a widespread belief by those with strong religious convictions that any music played outside of a church was a work of Satan. This album hearkens back to the hazy bars and pool halls where early blues abounded and delivers exactly what aficionados of acoustic blues love to hear.

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Track Listing

 01 - Lost Mind - Paul Geremia

 02 - If a Woman's Love Was Whisky - Paul Geremia

 03 - Stocking Feet Blues - Paul Geremia

 04 - Same Old Wagon - Paul Geremia

 05 - How'd He Do It? - Paul Geremia

 06 - A Fool For You - Drown In My Own Tears - Paul Geremia

 07 - Statesboro Blues - Paul Geremia

 08 - Terraplane Blues - Paul Geremia

 09 - Booger-Rooger Blues - Paul Geremia

 10 - Still Think About You - Paul Geremia

 11 - The Way to Get the Lowdown - Paul Geremia

 12 - Chickens Come Home to Roost - Paul Geremia

 13 - Fuller's Walking Blues (Walking My Blues Away) - Paul Geremia

 14 - Farewell Street Rag - Paul Geremia

 15 - Little Silver Airplane - Paul Geremia