RHR122 - Nouvelle-France - Hart Rouge


"Tenderly expressive...reminiscent of the cut-to-the-heart quality of balladeer Tom Waits." - NAPRA Review

"Passionate delivery and tight harmonies are the signatures of Hart-Rouge... They are capable of extraordinary harmonies that seem almost unearthly, as if the genetic links in their vocal chords allow them to reverberate in a way not possible for nonsiblings." - Music Matters Review

Powerful rhythms, engaging stories, ear-catching melodies, and toe-curling harmonies. Nouvelle France is roots music with a pop sensibility. The songs have energy, power, and decidedly catchy melodies, often balanced with a bittersweet, melancholy tone. Both in spirit and subject, Nouvelle France is an extension of Beaupré's Home.


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Track Listing

 01 - Marie Caissie - Hart-Rouge

 02 - Come Back For Me - Hart-Rouge

 03 - Danny Gaudry - Hart-Rouge

 04 - Fly All Over - Hart-Rouge

 05 - Help Me Help You - Hart-Rouge

 06 - Trois Hommes Noirs - Hart-Rouge

 07 - Walk Home - Hart-Rouge

 08 - Romantic Promenade - Hart-Rouge

 09 - Night On A Hill - Hart-Rouge

 10 - Bittersweet Grace - Hart-Rouge

 11 - Brave Marin - Hart-Rouge