RHR01 - Iowa Waltz - Greg Brown

Iowa Waltz

"America's greatest living troubadour" - American Songwriter

"Mr. Brown's music provides a stark, unself-consciously literary tour of off-road Americana." - New York Times

In celebration of Red House Records' 30th year we are reissuing our very first release: Greg Brown's classic album, The Iowa Waltz. Widely acknowledged as an early masterpiece and one of the his most critically acclaimed titles, The Iowa Waltz is a raw, unsentimental yet affectionate journey through the American heartland filled with vivid scenes and memorable characters. This special 30th Anniversary Edition is re-mastered with updated liner notes for CD and vinyl LP!

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Track Listing

   01 - The Iowa Waltz - Greg Brown

   02 - Mississippi Serenade - Greg Brown

   03 - Counting Feedcaps - Greg Brown

   04 - Grand Junction - Greg Brown

   05 - Out In The Country - Greg Brown

   06 - Walking The Beans - Greg Brown

   07 - My Home In The Sky - Greg Brown

   08 - King Corn - Greg Brown

   09 - Daughters - Greg Brown

   10 - Four Wet Pigs - Greg Brown

   11 - The Train Carrying Jimmy Rodgers Home - Greg Brown